Our Mission

To provide needed medical care to people who may otherwise go without.  Through a nationwide network of medical professionals and volunteers, our hope is to spread inspiration, education and healing across the world in the fight for healthcare and resource equality.


Our Vision

We will be Internationally recognized for our compassion and commitment to healthcare equality.  Renowned for the medical professionals and volunteers we inspire.  Remembered for the people we serve and lives we touch.

Let us help with your upcoming mission or join us for one of ours!  We will help:











Are you inspired?

30 September 2013

IRS designates Inspire 2 Heal a 501c3 Organization


17 March 2013

Mission trip to Haiti

5 May 2013

Inspire 2 Heal Foundation  is founded.

Inspiring People, Healing the World...

Inspire 2 Heal is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


Dawn and Lori have overcome life’s challenges, having both been teenage mothers who needed to grow up quickly and readjust the direction of their lives to provide for their families. They never gave up on themselves or what they could accomplish. Ultimately going back to school to complete and further their education, proving to their children that no obstacle is too much to overcome, or dream too late to achieve. Both Dawn and Lori proved just that, by climbing to the top of their fields in very successful corporate careers, one in real-estate and the other in finance. Although they were successful and were providing well for their families, they were not inspired. At some point, both of them left their professional careers to chase after their passion in helping others through medical care, compassion and spreading hope. Although these two women have lived very separate lives until now, they have shared similar experiences of triumphs and tragedies that allowed the universe to bring them together today. After their first medical mission together to Haiti in 2013, they knew right away why they were destined to meet. It was from that moment forward, Dawn and Lori knew they had found their inspiration and the creation of Inspire 2 Heal was born. Let us inspire you!!  

19 October 2013

Mission trip to Guatemala